Advisory Services

Let us come to you (virtually, or in person)

Practical advice to crack the data-driven culture code as an integral part of your broader data and analytics strategy.

How We Help

Our advisory services help you strategize and structure your program through world-leading thought leadership, change agency, and advocacy.



How We Engage

We engage with you through a variety of ways, whichever best suits your needs:

  • partial or full day sessions (virtual, or onsite)
  • executive awareness and/or advocacy sessions
  • facilitated workshops
  • keynote delivery
  • speaking engagements
  • and more...

These services are typically 1-2 days in duration, and can be customized to fit your needs and initiatives.  Sessions are available on a limited, select basis.


Information as a

Second Language® (ISL)

Just like literacy (the ability to read, write and communicate) is based upon developing proficiency of a language, we believe that fostering data literacy is based upon developing proficiency of the language of data, or "speaking data".  To upskill and support collaboration across today's diverse workforce within an ever-growing digital society, an explicit approach and set of service offerings and methods is required for scale and sustainability. 
Information as a Second Language® is our differentiated service method and framework for fostering data literacy, via our:
  • advisory services
  • facilitated workshops
  • bootcamp and course offerings
  • resource library of templates and techniques
  • and our online private Community. 


Let's Meet

If you are interested in advisory services for a world-class Data Literacy program, or other services,  please reach out.


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