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A self-paced, virtual program including access to our exclusive Community and curated Content - and more!
The resources and support you need to explore, plan, or enhance your Data Literacy Program

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How We Help

The Data Lodge® helps you craft your Data Literacy strategy and launch or enhance your
Data Literacy program via our train-the-trainer Bootcamps.

The Data Lodge® also provides ongoing support through our
private peer Community and Resource Library as you scale your program.

 Advisory Services

Practical advice to crack the data culture code as an integral part of your broader Data and Analytics strategy

Critical discussions and leadership workshops - tailored specifically for your organization - led by Valerie, virtual or onsite

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Bootcamp &
Base Camp PLUS

Bootcamp is a live, virtual training for your team members to learn collaboratively and develop or boost a Data Literacy program

Base Camp PLUS allows learners to move through self-paced modules with live, 1-to-1 coaching and deliverables review

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Community & Content

Private, global community of Data Literacy professionals paired with a robust, curated resource library, recurring meetings, and sharing sessions

Ideation and collaboration amongst peers, working together across organizations towards the same goals

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Having seen the gaping need for organizational data literacy program guidance, Valerie founded The Data Lodge in 2019. Valerie is wholly committed to data literacy, and she believes that in today's digital society data literacy is not only a work skill - it's also a life skill. 

Valerie is certifying the world’s first Data Literacy Program Leads across commercial, nonprofit, and public sectors while pioneering the path forward in cracking the data culture code. These goals are accomplished through The Data Lodge's offerings: advisory services, bootcamps and base camps, a thriving community of professionals, and a flourishing resource library.

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Are you ready to frame data literacy in the context of your company?

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What We Believe


Data and analytics are the linchpin of digital transformation, yet culture is the hardest part.

Data literacy is the missing link, and the key to solving the culture code.

We believe that the foundation of nurturing a data literate workforce (from executives to data and analytics professionals to front-line associates) is fostering a shared language around data, analytics, and business, known as Information as a Second Language® (ISL).  And it all starts with making this language personal.


We believe that culture change is an inside-out job.  There is only so much that external consultants can do to help transform you organization permanently. 

Yet with a rapidly-emerging area like data literacy, there is a catch:  you and your teams don’t have the bandwidth to figure out how to grow data literacy on your own, navigate all of the market developments, and find others who have similar goals.

The Data Lodge® provides shared methods, clear blueprints, robust plans, quick wins, and a forum for connecting with others on the same journey. We are here to help you with a facilitated, train-the-trainer approach and access to a community and content platform for productive, focused collaboration and resource sharing.

How We Work

Adopt & Go

We work with agility and an “adopt and go” mentality.  We curate shared methods, templates and accelerators that you can easily adopt, alter, and use. We constantly learn and grow together.


We partner across the Data Literacy landscape to leverage respective strengths of partners, influencers, and providers for collective value. 

Our private Community provides the opportunity to share resources, peer review marketplace offerings, and support one another in this work.


We respect diversity and believe that data literacy creates a bridge across diverse people, backgrounds, and capabilities. We create a safe space to learn, and believe that  everyone brings something of value to the table. Everyone.

Data Literacy and Information as a Second Language® Explained

What they are and why they matter


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