Virtual Cohort-Based Bootcamp
for Data Literacy Program Leads

About Our Bootcamp

Applied training as a small cohort with peers from other organizations on the same journey. A virtual bootcamp for your Data Literacy Program Lead. A train-the-trainer approach by the world’s leading expert on data literacy programs. Certification upon completion. (Custom, on demand, and onsite Bootcamp options also available)


Data Literacy Program Leads will engage in weekly virtual meetings (60-120 minute live video conference sessions, recorded and available for playback) on Mondays and Thursdays. Each week, a topic will be taught in Monday’s session, an assignment will be given, and a live Q&A session will follow on Thursday.


Bootcamp Members will be collaborating with their peers (from up to 20 organizations per Bootcamp), driving and sharing innovative ways to pioneer workforce data literacy.


Rather than “figuring out” data literacy on the fly, Bootcamp Members will be learning and leveraging, proving value with targeted pilots, and then refining for scale.

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What Participants Cover

Each Bootcamp Member will work through 9 key steps of a data literacy program and blueprint, aligned across 3 key phases:



Participants will create (or enhance) the Data Literacy Case for Change, including relevant examples, assessments, visioning and blueprint definition.



Participants will create (or enhance) their Data Literacy Program Plan, including:  setting scope and priorities, picking pilot areas, enlisting key stakeholders, and creating their own resource foundation.



Participants will conduct a Phase I pilot, reflect and refine their program plan based on pilot results, and craft their Phase II and beyond roadmap.

"The bootcamp pace is great which is in addition to our day to day job. The content is very rich and relevant to what our company is looking for. "

Bootcamp Participant

"The Blueprint Sample overview has been very helpful, as is the three elements of program design rubric."

Bootcamp Participant

"- Great material - Great interaction with Valerie"

Bootcamp Participant

"It's good to have a learning conversation instead of just reading material online."

Bootcamp Participant

"My bootcamp is solo though I appreciate the opportunity to be included already in the community discussions. I feel welcomed and respected though I'm just starting out."

Bootcamp Participant

2022 Bootcamps currently scheduled:


January 20 – April 4

10 weeks


April 21 – June 27

10 weeks


July 14 – October 19

10 weeks


October 4 – December 13

10 weeks

Key Bootcamp Participation Details

see if our Bootcamp is for you

It means you are a pioneer, that you get the value and criticality of data literacy, and that you are smart enough to not go it alone and waste time.

  • We aim to help companies and governments with a cohesive approach to their data literacy programs, designed as an integral part of their broader data and analytics strategy and initiatives. 
  • We align data literacy with key adjacencies, including: governance, organizational design, professional development, and platform modernization.
  • And we connect you with others who are on the same journey. 

Our Bootcamp is right for your company/organization if it:

  • "gets" the critical value of data and analytics, and the role that data can play in driving digital transformation
  • has a senior leader, or set of leaders, who are actively championing the data and analytics agenda (and will support and sponsor the data literacy initiative)
  • appreciates the importance of cultural change, and data literacy as a workforce competency
  • is open to new ways of engaging and innovating, and open to collaborating with others to drive change
  • wants to start off strong with commitment to a clear and pragmatic data literacy program to set the right tone, support and direction
  • and is willing to invest (budget and resources) accordingly


Bootcamp participation is a significant investment for both the company/organization and participant, both committing to:

  • funding for upfront 1-2 day advisory services (only if required), the Bootcamp 10-week program, and community membership for one year.  Cost range:  $5K - 35K+ (depending on scope of engagement). This is value-priced when compared to typical consulting engagements and the lack of anything like this in the market.
  • commitment of the Bootcamp Member's time to engage fully (average of 4- 10 hrs/week across 10 weeks, depending on degree of engagement and effort required)
  • and active support of a set of stakeholders, including potential members for internal pilot group(s)

Bootcamp Members must be nominated by senior leadership and have the full support of their leadership and company/organization.

If you are a leader who would like to nominate someone for the Bootcamp, please fill out the For More Info form below.  We will contact you for further steps including an initial call, procurement contacts, logistics, etc.

If you would like to attend the Bootcamp, please contact your leadership to ensure they will meet the commitments as outlined above.  Please fill out the For More Info form below and let us know you are working with your leadership to obtain a nomination for yourself.  We will get back in touch with you regarding next steps.

Absolutely!  We are open to working with you to customize the length and delivery style for our Bootcamp.  We have worked with clients for a shorter delivery as needed, as well as a mix of in person/on site sessions in addition to or in place of online sessions.  Our Bootcamp is typically 10 weeks and includes weekly guidance through the completion of the Pilot Workshop.  We also offer a 5 1/2 week version that allows the participant to run the Pilot after the initial 5 weeks, with follow-up calls during and after the Pilot Workshop has been completed.

We also offer a self paced version of our Bootcamp, called Base Camp, for those who would like to have access to the teaching and materials through an online, work at their own pace option.  Base Camp includes two paths:  one to learn the material in a self paced environment, and the second to journey further into the Bootcamp materials and complete their pilot workshop, earn certification and be eligible for the Community and Library. For more information see our Base Camp page.

Nominations are open for the 10 week Virtual Bootcamp program.

We are also accepting requests for custom, on demand, and onsite Bootcamps.


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