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Train-the-trainer program for Data Literacy leads and their supporters

About our Bootcamp

Train with a small cohort with peers from other organizations on the same journey.
Virtual, weekly meetings and immediate feedback for your Data Literacy Program Lead.
Train-the-trainer program created by industry-leading expert on data literacy research and programs. 

Single-organization, on-demand, or onsite Bootcamp options also available.


Bootcamp participants will engage in weekly meetings, typically two sessions per week totaling 150 minutes.

The first weekly meeting is an instructor-led topic followed by an assignment, and the second weekly meeting is a live Q&A session for follow up and review of assignment.


Bootcamp Members will collaborate with peers from 5 to 8 organizations per cohort. Campers discuss and share innovative ways to pioneer organizational data literacy.

The companies in our Bootcamp programs are outstanding examples of leadership that supports and enables data culture, purposefully continuing their forward momentum.


Rather than spending time and effort to "figure out" data literacy, Bootcamp participants learn and implement proven methods. 

Bootcamp organizations leverage Data Lodge blueprint and plan templates, launch targeted pilot activities, prove value through quick wins, and refine program components for scale. 

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Participants will create or enhance their Data Literacy Case for Change, which includes relevant examples, organizational maturity assessment, visioning, and blueprint plan design.



Participants will create or enhance their Data Literacy program plan including: setting scope and priorities, choosing a pilot group, enlisting key stakeholders, and establishing a foundation of resources.


Participants will customize and conduct a Phase I pilot, reflect and refine their program plan based on pilot results, and craft their data literacy roadmap for Phase II and beyond. Each program element is reviewed by the peer cohort and Data Lodge team.

2024 Bootcamp Schedule*: 


February 22- May 6


May 6 - July 29


August 1 - October 7


October 10 - December 16

*Alternate Bootcamp scheduling available upon request

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We are currently accepting applications for 2024 Bootcamp programs. 

We also consider requests for exclusive (single company) and onsite Bootcamp experiences. 

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