Base Camp

A self-paced, online program to explore, plan and kickstart your Data Literacy Program

Two Paths

We offer two options for those interested in a self-paced program: 

Base Camp and Base Camp PLUS.

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Base Camp

Base Camp is a self-paced, online program to explore, plan and kickstart your Data Literacy Program.

It is suited for individuals within an end-user organization who are actively exploring the creation of an internal Data Literacy Program and need clarity and expert guidance to get started. [This is not intended for Consulting or Services Professionals, nor for commercial use.*]

 The Base Camp Program includes:

  • 3 Modules w/15 recorded video sessions
  • Workbook
  • Deliverable Template
  • Office Hours with Val for Q&A

Base Camp Modules

Included are three main modules, with 5 video sessions each


1. Setting Context

2. What is Data Literacy and ISL?

3. Making it Personal

4. Needs & Drivers

5. Vision & Metrics/ROI


6. Program Elements

7. Assessments & Training

8. Target State & Priorities

9. Framing Your Blueprint

10. Outlining Your Plan


11. Enlisting Your Tribe

12. Laying Your Foundation

13. Picking Your Bets

14. Getting Started

15. Wrap-up & Future Expeditions

There are over 6 hours of videos to watch covering the content across 15 sections.  While working through the sections, participants are encouraged to pause the video and complete the written assignments in the workbook, which should take an additional 15 - 25 hours of time.  For crafting the final deliverable, which distills the essence of your Base Camp work into an Executive Summary presentation, participants should plan for a minimum of 8 hours. In total we recommend a participant plan for a minimum of 30 - 40 hours to complete Base Camp.


The Deliverable serves as a guide to “level-up” the full story at an executive summary level and includes 3 Key Sections:

  • Your own clear, compelling narrative for data literacy (why)
  • Your initial Data Literacy Program blueprint and plan (what)
  • Your steps to get started including quick wins (how)


This is an Individual/Self-Paced Program available 24/7 on our digital platform, accessible from any compatible computer, tablet or smart phone.  Participants have access for 3 months to the content.

The value and specific benefits of this program include:

  • Quick start. High leverage, vetted content.
  • Low Cost. High Value.
  • Payable online with immediate course access.


Upon completion, participants receive a digital Data Literacy Base Camp Explorer Badge that can be used on LinkedIn, or any location where they choose to display their achievement.


Pricing & Comparison

Base Camp PLUS

Base Camp PLUS is everything in Base Camp, plus the following:

  • 1:1 review of your deliverable with feedback from Val to further enhance your plan
  • An “expedition” course to deliver your first Pilot Data Literacy Workshop

  • Upon a successful completion of the workshop, a digital Certification of Completion as a Data Literacy Program Lead

  • Eligibility to join our Community with access to our Library (annual membership $5K USD)

It is suited for those who also want a review and feedback of their Data Literacy Plan Deliverable by Val and are ready to take actionable steps towards launching their program with design and execution of their initial pilot Data Literacy Workshop.  [This is not intended for Consulting or Services Professionals, nor for commercial use.*]

"The Data Lodge Base Camp is a great program for those looking to spearhead data literacy. Priceless insights, examples, tips and recommendations to help you get started on the right foot."

Base Camp Participant

"This is the perfect way to engage in this kind of applied learning in an emerging area like Data Literacy. I would have preferred the Boot Camp, but needed self-paced learning due to the normal day-to-day. This was a great online program and I still felt a part of a group while going through it. Attending the office hours helped as well, and I really enjoyed that addition."

Base Camp Participant

"I love your template, specifically the versioning, which promotes a community/tribe effort. I planned on going through and picking the top 15 slides or so for my deliverable. You already nailed it and saved me a ton of time! ... It is an added bonus to my primary objective, which is helping to create a data-driven, data literate culture which not only changes the lives of those in our company, but the lives of the health care professionals and patients that benefit from our content and insights!"

Base Camp Participant

"The assignments make me think, and look at aspects of data literacy in ways that are meaningful, and of value."

Base Camp Participant

"I already have the executive team on board, but still find this section is very helpful and enlightening. I plan on using the VIA model immediately, and feel it is a very smart and simple approach to use cases. I am very excited to start the final 2 sections!"

Base Camp Participant

"The workshop deck is extremely valuable to me."

Base Camp Participant

"Felt personal, like one-on-one training. I think it is the first time I got so much from virtual training."

Base Camp Participant

"The Explore module really helped me find the language needed to make a case for Data Literacy program in my company."

Base Camp Participant

"Really like the "homework" around thinking about how to apply the material to myself and the company. It helps to develop focus from a large set of material to the most important things. Well done and looking forward to learning more. "

Base Camp Participant

Base Camp & Bootcamp

We offer two self-paced Base Camp options, and one virtual, live cohort-based Bootcamp option for those building Data Literacy Programs. See below for how they compare.

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Bootcamp Details
(1) Not for Consulting or Services Professionals, or for commercial use.*
(2) Payable online. Immediate course access.
(3) Requires Agreeing to Terms of Use Online (includes confidentiality clause for office hours interaction)
(4) May requires signed NDA agreement between Val & Client before Deliverable Review
(5) Typically requires NDA, approved supplier steps, contract.

*If you are interested in The Data Lodge Base Camp content for use as an analyst, advisory, research, consulting or service professional, or to use for commercial purposes, please email us for more information.


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