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TDL Community and Resource Library Membership

Our Community Guidelines: 

Our TDL (The Data Lodge) Community is for our current and former Bootcamp and Base Camp PLUS learners. Community members strengthen their peer connections, receive and give support, and grow together as they facilitate and enhance their respective data literacy initiatives. 

Membership includes access to a robust resource library containing workshops, presentation templates, meeting activities, communications best practices, Community of Practice guidance, and a growing list of tactical toolkits for organization-wide use. 

TDL Community membership is renewed annually. 

Through membership, Community Members have opportunities to: 

Continue fostering peer relationships

Along with establishing relationships with their Bootcamp and Base Camp PLUS cohort groups, Community members also interact with other pioneers in our TDL Community, learning from and building upon each other's experiences and successes. The community is a private membership, held exclusively for those who are enrolled in a Basecamp or Boot Camp PLUS program to further extend the network in this critical, cutting-edge field.

Make use of the robust, growing resource library

Beyond expanding their network, Community members are provided access to an ever-growing suite of essential resources and tools that are regularly updated.

Resources include shared methodologies, assessment and program reviews, quick win activities, duplicatable presentations, workshop templates, a weekly newsletter with thought leadership and key market developments, on-demand Community call replays, and a wide variety of other resources to use immediately in your own environment.

Partner with external professionals

Blazing a new trail in your organization can be a daunting task, especially in an emerging field like data literacy.  Collaborating with other pioneers from around the world is one of the most valuable benefits to participants both personally and professionally. 

The Data Lodge also partners with leading providers and data literacy influencers to support our Community with their program design, development, training, and inspiration. Nowhere else can you partner in a safe, supportive environment with others who share a common approach and speak the same language.

Included in a TDL Membership:

Community Calls

  • TDL¬†Community update calls
  • Frequent Special Topic Calls by our members
  • Data Literacy Program Show-and-Tell Sessions by member organizations¬†
  • External speaker events
  • Around the Campfire chat sessions

Content & Resources

  • Presentation templates, meeting activities, audience-specific workshops, assessments, and more Data Lodge curated content
  • Searchable resource library of public-domain articles, webinars, videos, trainings, courses, cheat sheets, etc...
  • Archived, on-demand call replays¬†

Live Interaction

  • Private Community social site for¬†messaging and discussion boards
  • Requests for presenters, speakers, and training from Community members and external partners
  • TDL Community Member directory

Exclusive Access

  • First look at new content, workshops, and assessments
  • Networking to build one's personal brand through presenting in¬†Data Lodge and partner webinars, podcasts, and media¬†
  • Early knowledge of new and improved products, events, and industry-related¬†data literacy advancements

Access to the TDL Community + Content

Access to the TDL Community is contingent upon 
completing a Bootcamp or Base Camp PLUS program. 
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