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Thursday, April 18, 2024 | 11 AM ET | 1 hour

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Data Culture Helps Drive Award-Winning Data Transformations:
How data literacy initiatives foster enterprise growth 


Many organizations strive to improve their digital and data capabilities through data or digital transformation. But what makes a company stand out from the rest?

How can change management and data enablement align to support a common overall strategy?

Join Valerie Logan from The Data Lodge as she hosts a discussion with change leaders Aaron Wines (Cox Automotive) and Laura Mosley (Dow Chemical). Both Cox Automotive and Dow Chemical have earned recognition and awards for their successes in digital, data, and analytics transformations.

Aaron and Laura will share the vision and goals of their respective data literacy programs and talk about how data culture drives adoption and success in digital transformation efforts.

Listen in as Aaron, Laura, and Val speak about their experiences in this world of data, analytics, culture, and change management.

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Meet our Panelists:

Valerie Logan

CEO & Founder, The Data Lodge
Chief Strategy Officer, Data Society Group

Laura Mosley

Program & Change Leader,

Data Lodge Community Member
since July 2023

Aaron Wines

Enterprise Data Enablement Director,
Cox Automotive, Inc

Data Lodge Community Member
since October 2022

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