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Thursday, June 20, 2024 | 11 AM ET | 1 hour 

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Unlocking Value with Data (and AI) Literacy:
Answering FAQs at The Data Lodge

With over four years of laser focus on data literacy programs at the Lodge, we have a strong pulse on the most common challenges and questions of this pioneering work.

  • What is AI literacy's relationship to data literacy?
  • How to launch and scale practical programs?
  • How to best engage senior executives?
  • What are ROI and metrics for these literacy programs?
  • Where to find critical ties to adjacent programs (within a data office, with digital teams, with People/L&D colleagues)?
  • ... and more! What do you still wonder?

Join our Founder, Valerie A. Logan, for this complimentary webinar as she candidly answers the most frequently asked questions from the past 12 months - along with your own questions (pre-submitted and live)!

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Valerie Logan

CEO & Founder, The Data Lodge
Chief Strategy Officer, Data Society Group

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