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TDL Webinar Series - New Year, New Language: Making Data Your 2nd Language in 2024!

ai data culture data literacy information as a second language isl shared language webinar Dec 20, 2023


Maybe you already speak a 2nd language (or more), but do you "speak data"? What about AI?

If you're finding yourself increasingly confused by the buzz surrounding data and AI, you're not alone.

But what if it was more straightforward than it sounds? What if you could tune the frequency a bit, and decipher this seemingly complex language?

With this first webinar of a 2024 monthly series, Val Logan (founder of The Data Lodge, and inventor of ISL, Information as a Second Language®), shares her advice for:

  • The Intention:  Approaching the world of data and AI as a language
  • The Basics:  Making it personal, making it practical 
  • The Key:  Scaling shared language as a basis for cracking the data culture code

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