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Announcing: Our Partnership with Juice Analytics

partners Oct 15, 2020

The Data Lodge is so very excited to announce our new partnership with Juice Analytics, providers of an efficient and exciting way to visualize data sets and share them with others.

As a company that has long been as passionate about data as we are, Juice has enabled companies and individuals bring the communication through data to the masses through their intuitive Juicebox application.

Why partner? As Val has said,

"Data Literacy and Data Storytelling. Together like ‘peas and carrots’, as Forrest Gump would say. And The Data Lodge and Juice Analytics partnership is the same. From the day I read his book Data Fluency, to the first day I spoke with Zach about his vision, and how he and Juice help clients to simplify complex stories, I knew our missions were aligned. Committed to pioneering new ways to help simplify the ever-complex data and analytics space into meaningful narratives that we all can understand."

We are excited about this partnership, as together we work...

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