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The Data Lodge Base Camp and Base Camp PLUS


The Data Lodge offers Base Camp and Base Camp PLUS, two self-paced, online courses as a low-cost alternative to explore, plan and kickstart your Data Literacy Programs!

 Listen to this 10 minute intro video from our CEO & Founder, Valerie Logan, as she describes:

- The needs behind the creation of Base Camp
- What Base Camp is, and how it works
What Campers are saying about their experience
- How to learn more and enroll!

Please also download a PDF of the materials - great to use to help build the case to attend! 

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Data Literacy vs. Data Fluency: What's in a Name?

Val Authors First Article in Series of Three for Data Literacy Collaborative


Data Literacy vs. Data Fluency: What's in a Name?

You may remember Val digging into this topic last year during The Data Lodge webinar: "Data Literacy: What's In a Name?"

In this article, she continues taking a look into how words and language can help build a data culture - or hinder it - and how she, intentionally, landed on "data literacy." 

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