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Celebrating International Literacy Day 2023 with The Data Lodge

Celebrating International Literacy Day 2023 with The Data Lodge

Friday, September 8, 2023  11:00am - 2:00pm ET

Register below for a replay of our 4th annual celebration of progress... globally!

It was also a celebration of our 4th anniversary at the Lodge,
and our mascot Cooper's 4th birthday! 


In our 4th annual ILD webinar, we covered:  

  • WELCOME (1:00 - 19:30)
  • THE STATE OF DATA LITERACY 2023 (19:30 - 35:30): With Valerie Logan, CEO & Founder at The Data Lodge
  • PROGRAMS (35:50 - 1:04:30):  Success Factors
    • With: 
      • Regina Huricks-Trapp, Global Business Intelligence and Data Literacy, SIE PlayStation
      • Neil Richards, Global Data Fluency Lead, JLL
      • Sarah Vande Loo, Director of Data Literacy, Mayo Clinic

  • PERSPECTIVES (1:04:55 - 1:39:00):  GenAI & Data Literacy
    • With: 
      • Sushma Sanketh, IT Leader, Certified Data Literacy Lead, The Dow Chemical Company
      • Merav Yuravlivker, CEO &...
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The Data Lodge Base Camp and Base Camp PLUS


The Data Lodge offers Base Camp and Base Camp PLUS, two self-paced, online courses as a low-cost alternative to explore, plan and kickstart your Data Literacy Programs!

 Listen to this 10 minute intro video from our CEO & Founder, Valerie Logan, as she describes:

- The needs behind the creation of Base Camp
- What Base Camp is, and how it works
What Campers are saying about their experience
- How to learn more and enroll!

Please also download a PDF of the materials - great to use to help build the case to attend! 

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Data Literacy vs. Data Fluency: What's in a Name?

Val Authors First Article in Series of Three for Data Literacy Collaborative


Data Literacy vs. Data Fluency: What's in a Name?

You may remember Val digging into this topic last year during The Data Lodge webinar: "Data Literacy: What's In a Name?"

In this article, she continues taking a look into how words and language can help build a data culture - or hinder it - and how she, intentionally, landed on "data literacy." 

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Celebrating International Literacy Day 2022 with The Data Lodge

Celebrating International Literacy Day 2022 with The Data Lodge

Thursday, September 8, 2022  11:00am - 2:00pm ET

Register below for the replay of our 3rd annual celebration of progress... globally!

It's also a celebration of our 3rd anniversary at the Lodge,
and our mascot Cooper's 3rd birthday! 

Most importantly, it was a perfect day to raise awareness annually about the importance of data literacy, and to celebrate and learn from the pioneers of the data literacy movement. 

  • WELCOME & PERSPECTIVES (05:30 - 36:20): The State of Data Literacy in 2022 with Valerie Logan, CEO & Founder at The Data Lodge
  • PROGRAMS (36:20 - 1:07:40):  Data Literacy by Design- Growing a Data Culture at Mayo Clinic
  • PRACTICAL GUIDANCE (1:08:00 - 1:37:30):  Getting started with Data Literacy - 3 Examples
  • PERSPECTIVES (1:37:51 - 2:09:30): AI Literacy & Artificial Negligence
  • PERSPECTIVES (2:09:45 - 3:03:50): Fireside Chat with...
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Celebrating International Women's Day 2022!


Please click the button below for a copy of the materials used in the video:

To find out more about The Data Lodge, sign-up for our brochure below: 

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Event: Val joins the 2021 Nashville Analytics Summit as their Keynote Speaker


1) LITERACY: They're both passionate about literacy! Dolly is known as one of the significant pioneers of the literacy movement (including her generous giving of books to children with her Imagination Library), and Val is committed to fostering data literacy, as the new literacy of our digital age!

2) THEIR FATHERS: They're both inspired by their fathers who each had grade school educations, but who cared about the importance of learning, education and hard work.

3) NASHVILLE: Dolly lives there, and Val will be there soon!

Val has been selected by the Greater Nashville Technology Council as this year's Keynote Speaker at the 2021 Analytics Summit on October 18th, 2021!

Register here, if you're in the Nashville area, we'd love to see you! 

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Celebrate International Literacy Day 2021 at The Data Lodge!

Watch the replay of our celebration of International Literacy Day!

-  The State of Data Literacy in 2021
-  Data Literacy Programs:  Keys to Getting Started
-  Data Literacy Programs:  Lessons Learned
-  Discussion/Q&A

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Webinar - Data Literacy: What's in a Name?

Date:  Thursday, August 19, 2021
Time:  11:00 - 12:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Data Literacy. Data Fluency. Data Acumen. 
What should this field be called, and how do we clarify and align our intentions? 

[Listen to the replay for an engaging discussion where we approach this important question with a healthy dose of curiosity!]

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CDO Magazine Announces Its 2021 List of Global Data Power Women

"CDO Magazine has once again searched the globe, reached out to key influencers and industry organizations and is excited to announce our 2021 list.  These women are shaping the landscape of business and pioneering the field of data and analytics.  They are leveraging their talents to get real world results, to answer tough business questions and to provide true value to the enterprise, their customers and key stakeholders. CDO Magazine is committed to being a champion to women in the field of data and analytics. We are proud to highlight the accomplishments of women and want to be a catalyst to advance opportunities for women in the field. We are pleased to announce our second Global Data Power Women List."


(CDO Magazine, 2021)

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Webinar: Unlocking Radical Collaboration through Data Literacy

data literacy webinar Jun 21, 2021
DATE: Wednesday, August 25th, 2021
TIME:  01:45PM - 02:15PM ET
DESCRIPTION: Often the term "data literacy" conjures up images of upskilling the general population to be savvy information consumers and informed decision-makers. But robust data literacy programs are also for establishing a shared language for "speaking data" across a wide and varied set of roles, and unlocking radical collaboration.
Join this session to learn:
  • What is data literacy- really? And what is meant by "speaking data"?
  • Why data literacy, and why now? A convergence of disciplines, across diverse roles and backgrounds.

  •  How to unlock radical collaboration? The 3 keys to fostering data literacy.   

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